Giovanni Onorato

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Giovanni Onorato (1995) is a post-acousmatic composer from Palermo, his interests span from acousmatic composition to electroacoustic improvisation.

He holds an Electronic Music bachelor’s degree at Conservatorio G.B. Martini in Bologna and is currently enrolled for the Electroacoustic Composition master program at Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

In the last years he had the opportunity to take part in events like: Angelica - Festival Internazionale di Musica (Bologna), Bologna Modern (Bologna), Festival 2 visages des musiques électroacoustiques (Brussels), Ljudoljud (Stockholm), MainOFF (Palermo) Martini Elettrico (Bologna), TRK Sound Club - Tempo Reale (Firenze).

He is a founding member of Elettronica Collettiva Bologna, a collective for promoting electroacoustic music, and Senza Distinzione di Genere lab, a electroacoustic-free improvisation continous workshop taking place at Labàs (Bologna).


Sometimes he likes to listen to music.

Sometimes he likes to take to take pictures.

Not so often he likes to code.