Giovanni Onorato

TRK Sound Club

Daniele Carcassi e Giovanni Onorato + Marina Rosenfeld

24 February 2021 - Galleria Frittelli - Firenze

L’insieme dei tessuti is a duo by me and Daniele Carcassi in which we explore the diversities between structured and free improvisation, as well as our different approaches both to the form (in the context of improvisation) and the instruments. For this concert we decided to go completely free.

As for previous and many of the following improvisations, I decided to play with a set which could give me the opportunity to immediately respond to incoming sound with a gesture: sound-making objects, which are just things generating sounds before the electronic domain.

In this photo it is shown the instrument I developed back in Bologna: an electric bass with objects mounted on top. I used both the native pick-up of the instrument as well as contact microphones to capture sounds on the top of the body.

Photo Courtesy of Simone Petracchi