Giovanni Onorato


24 February 2021 - Graf San Donato - Bologna

network~ is a series of concerts curated by our collective Elettronica Collettiva Bologna.

The idea behind the project is to try to keep alive the spirit of playing music together in this unfortunate situation of social distance. This was also meant to tighten relationships with associations and organizations, mostly around Bologna, with whom we feel connected in some ways.

We decided to perform this inspired by J. Tenney's work Having never written a note for percussion.

Since musicians in the ensemble were mostly playing with their laptop or synths, I decided to play my electric bass in a 'traditional-oriented' way. This led me to keep it really simple, still maintaining a distinct presence within the ensemble, also having dialogues and contrasts with the other bassist Nicola.

This was a wonderful experience that really helped me a lot: after that day I felt definitely motivated to keep on doing music and to resist for the day we will be doing every day music together again.

Photo Courtesy of Mirco Gravagnin