Giovanni Onorato

Martini Elettrico - Bologna Modern

Davide Baldazzi, Andrej Cebski, Daniele Abo Carcassi, Giovanni Onorato - Esperienza Quattro (2018)

24 October 2018 - Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Esperienza Quattro, meaning roughly "experience in four", is one of the series of concerts I played with my close friend and colleague Daniele Carcassi.

After our experiences as a duo L'insieme dei tessuti, with Njordzitrone (Baldazzi, Cebski) we decided to merge these musical outcomes in the same performance.

Inside the wonderful Teatro Comunale di Bologna, during the festival Bologna Modern, this experience was an inspiring moment to share and confront artistic perspectives among us, students of Electronic Music at Conservatorio di Bologna.

As for previous and many of the following improvisations, I decided to play with a set which could give me the opportunity to immediately respond to incoming sound with a gesture: sound-making objects, which are just things generating sounds before the electronic domain.

In this photo it is shown the instrument I developed back in Bologna: an electric bass with objects mounted on top. I used both the native pick-up of the instrument as well as contact microphones to capture sounds on the top of the body.

Photo Courtesy of Simone Petracchi