Giovanni Onorato


18 June 2021 - SPLIT Piazza Studio Occupata - Bologna

ECB X SPLIT is a series of concerts curated by Elettronica Collettiva Bologna~ at SPLIT Bologna.

This performance is the result of an idea I had in last spring after purchasing a bike in Stockholm.
The most natural thing to do for me was to record sounds from it. After listening to the sounds and gestures I captured, I was quite intrigued by their musical potential.

I chose not to work on an acousmatic piece, or at least until this moment.
Instead, I wanted to build a system allowing me to perform and/or control every sound in real time, and also to structure a complex musical discourse (e.g. the possibility of creating polyphonies).

I uploaded the (messy) Max patch I wrote on Github if you want to have a look.
Unfortunately I do no have a high quality audio recording of this performance.

Photo Courtesy of Cecilia Rocca